FC road

Today, we had dinner at vershali, the famous place for Dosa, in FC road.
Also, it is a place to go when it is sunny and not rainy. When we arrived to the place, it started to rain heavily. But a dosa is too good.
After the dinner we went for Cad-b, cold liquid chocolate. Too tasty and unhealthy.

A good evening.

Busy ,busy and busy

What have happened?
I have shift out from the hostel, I am staying in the Sun n’ Sand hotel. A tourist hotel.
What we have done is walking around in the old part of Pune, in Tusibag.
Tusibag, is more of real Pune for me then Viman Nagar and Phoenix mall.
I wish you all having a good time.

Dinner in Phoenix mall

Dinner in Phoenix mall

On -1 floor, under ground floor, there is a chines restaurant.
The restaurant is very fresh and a good atmosphere. The food is okay. A dish with rice can easily be shared between two people.
However, in my case I eat allot of vegetables so a dish with vegetables are enough for me, but I can share the rise. Also, I prefer to share all my dishes and try others dishes too. That is the beauty to share, it is possible to try so many more dishes!

Last day

pans for tomorrow.
Tomorrow is my last day to be in Pune, alone. The reason is on 19th my family from coming is coming.
So, tomorrow is a busy day.
I have to finish my last packing, go to college and make a video about my year and go to the gym and at last, I m going to meet my friend.
My friend and I are going for dinner near ABC farm. Then at 11 pm we are going for a movie. The movie is a horror movie and I hate, absolutely dislike horror movies. Why I do not like is because I get too scared.

Her comes a sizzler

Her comes a sizzler

At “The place” in Camp. They know how to make good and heavy sizzler.
Sizzler with beef, vegetables, finger fries and rice. What more can you ask for?
If, two people are small in the food, one sizzler is good enough for them.

For me, a sizzler does not really feel that much of Indian food compare to dal and chapati. A sizzler is something I can almost get anywhere I go and taste good to. While, dal and chapati or butter chicken is very much of Indian food for me, with all the spices and oil.

Photo shoot in the heat


What an experience for sure, today I walked up at 5 am to get ready for a photo shoot for the fashion designer students in Symbiosis.
We all met and got our hair, make up done by fashion students. After our looks were done, we took the driver to the outskirt of Pune, in the nature and did the shoot.
However, it was not easy. The temperature rise every minute we were out, we had limit of water and snacks. Also, no breakfast….
We, “models” got the information the shoot was till 11 am, but we were there to 2:15 pm.
I guess you can understand how we felt when the water got over, we all wanted to finish the shoot as fast as possible.

During the photo shoot we got company by some cows. They are so calm and peaceful, but the photograph tried to scare them away (not okay, cows don´t do anything).

Photo shoots are not my cup of tea, besides it was fun to wear different clothes.

say whaat?

say whaat?

Okay, okay, I know I am in country where chilli powder is used in everywhere.
But, to add chilli powder on boiled eggs, who does that?
Normally, the eggs should have the yellow part little watering and then add slat on. That is yummy. Who has chilli powder on eggs?
I can not understand it…. Just, not okay.
Add chilli powder on my rice, chicken but not on my eggs.

what next? chilli powder in milk? That won´t happen because Indians add sugar in milk!