Not fun weather at all

So the whole week has been greyish, cold and not at all fun, typical fall weather. However, this won´t stop me from my everyday walk around the city. But the weather does not make easy to get out… I would love to spend time inside my apartment and cook and read books.
But, what to do?

Because of my work I have to take my walk now, in the morning, the reason is I have to work from 1 to 11:30 PM! Also, this time I have to have more clothes on me and not like yesterday, it was very cold! I kept my hands warm under the heater and danced….



Afghan omelet

Afghan omelet

Today after my work I did not feel for cooking anything or make too much.
So what is better then to make something with eggs and after a year with allot of boiled eggs, you do not really feel for more boiled eggs.
However, thanks for knowing great friends how has open my eyes.
Yes, my dinner was not very much hard or special but taste very good! easy and yummy!

Two days and same mistake

Has this ever happen to you?

For two days in road I have pored yoghurt in my coffee instead of milk. 
I two different yoghurt in front of me and when I had yoghurt in my hand I thought this is not milk and still put the coffee,
Then I look down in the coffee and thought this milk look wired. How come?

At that moment I realized I took the yoghurt instead of milk I had yogurt and the milk is till in the refrigerator.

What is wrong with me? two days after each other with the same mistake.,


color make everything more beatyful

color make everything more beatyful

Well normally I think couscous yellow color look little greyish. There is not much temptation to eat the greyish couscous.
So what is better then spice up the couscous with some yellow color?
The yellow color is not from saffron (way to expensive to use in daily life) there for I put some turmeric powder. Well, that color is strong and not fun to get on clothes.
Some yellow couscous with spring onions, tomatoes, carrots, beans and curd. Wow, I would love to that!



For some days ago when my job finished at 8 pm and my body still had energy for long walk and dinner with my family.
We met up at K25, K25 is on Kungsgatan 25, pretty easy to remember. This place has many different restaurants, it is like a food court, but the place feel much more fresh then typical food courts.

So, I got finally dumplings or Momos after a long time! Steamed momos with chicken and some sort of green beans.
The beans were not that great, they were to big and hard. But the momos were amazing!



Yes, today is my first day of weekend!
After 5 days of work it feels so good to be able to plan to sleep in and read a interesting book without worrying what time it is or can I read a page more and be able to be on time to work?
Well, I did plan to sleep in, but of course I walked up before the alarm clock. The reason is the the workers how collect the garbage make so much noise which make me to walk up around 6:30.

However, I shall not complain because for today breakfast I made cafe latte and when the first cup got over I just made one more!

Now, when I am working I really enjoy my weekends, I do not need to study for a exam. I can do what ever I want! So today I have to go to the gym and then take a walk (Everyday I walk at least an hour). Well, I have been awake for 3 hours now and already I start to get bored. I have to do something NOW!

Giving away clothes

Giving away clothes

Today in the morning I finally unpacked my summer clothes. Well, the summer clothes are not many because almost all my clothes are in the wardrobe already. At the same time I decided to sort my clothes by which I might not use again due to different reasons for example the clothes are too big or not in my taste any more. So the clothes are now laying in a bag to give away to Myrorna or frälsningsarme. Because it does not make any sense to throw away working and whole clothes.
Now, I can do something good! Give away the clothes I do not need or want and hopefully they will fit someone else. That is the beauty with Myrorna and Frälsningsarme.