Beautiful something for my flat?

Beautiful something for my flat?

I have huge amount of photos from India.
Now that time has passed by and I have to start orgonizing my life here in Sweden.
Still I have the horrible calf from India, so I prefer to not start with the gym or heavy workout. First I have to get well.

Second is I have to unpack everything, I have maybe 6 boxes left to unpack. But I feel the end is near (not).
Also I have to hang up my paintings and make the flat more nice. So why flowers in water? Just like Sun n’ Sand hotel?

Too much food, again

Too much food, again

When we were in Pune during one of our last days. We went to a pretty new shopping mall, the mall is in the outskirt of Pune Anomra or something like that was the name.
However, the mall was beautiful but had almost no stores. Do not even speak about restaurants to eat lunch or dinner… As a tourist in a country we want to eat the countries food as much as possible so no pasta, no pizza or hamburgares. There for it eneded we went to Rajestani. That restaurant serve Indian food and allot of food for 200 rupees.
pretty tasty food too, not too spicy