A good salad


I do not know when I had last time avocado. For sure not in India. One avocado in India went for 500 rupees (way too expensive).
Avocado with shrimps so yummy. Also not at all heavy food, very light. There for after 2 hours I have to eat something again.
My diet from India is just to forget. I do not follow it at all, I can not. At least I have started with working out! Feels so good to get back on track.

A book from 1911

A book from 1911

Some days ago when I visit my parents I found some old goodies in my bookshelf.
The book on the top is from 1911, which mean it must has been my great grandmother┬┤s cooking book and also over 100 years old! Not bad at all.
To the point, the cooking book has many recipes which I have never seen before. An other book is from 1930 and newer.

Not only the books are old, they have been in the family which create an extra feeling towards them. Now, my bookshelf is occupied of cooking books, older and newer, baking and Indian also Canadian recipes. I just love cooking books with many photos too!

Build by myself

Build by myself

I am so proved of myself.
The reason is I build my first “master piece”from IKEA all by myself. Yes alone, noytne was there to help me. You guys how know how IKEA things can be, maybe you can understand my happiness.
The reason I bought it, is because I have spaces to storage over 2 meters up and I am to short.
Also, this can be an extra chair when I have guests.