Yes, today is my first day of weekend!
After 5 days of work it feels so good to be able to plan to sleep in and read a interesting book without worrying what time it is or can I read a page more and be able to be on time to work?
Well, I did plan to sleep in, but of course I walked up before the alarm clock. The reason is the the workers how collect the garbage make so much noise which make me to walk up around 6:30.

However, I shall not complain because for today breakfast I made cafe latte and when the first cup got over I just made one more!

Now, when I am working I really enjoy my weekends, I do not need to study for a exam. I can do what ever I want! So today I have to go to the gym and then take a walk (Everyday I walk at least an hour). Well, I have been awake for 3 hours now and already I start to get bored. I have to do something NOW!

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