Grandmother´s old skirt

Grandmother´s old skirt

Wow, I can not image I have my grandmother´s old skirt.
Summer has finally arrived we got around 25 degrees and perfect summer weather or perfect weather for skirt.

I had this skirt lying in a box for some years and finally I took it out and the skirt fit pretty good.
The skirt goes to the knees, so the skirt is not to short.

Yummy ice cream

Yummy ice cream

Some weekends away, we went out for dinner and after the whole meal we also ordered saffron Ice cream.
That ice cream was really good, for the first time I had saffron ice cream.
Too good.
I did not know we had this sort of place in Stockholm

Failure for lunch

Failure for lunch

Well yesterday I got an idea and wanted to try to make it at home. There for when I came home I started to prepare the lunch food, because the meat to take taste from the spices. So, today at lunch time I started to cook and well it did not turn out I wanted.

However, the food did taste good because for the first time I used “seven spices”. Seven spices is very good spices.

Sometimes a late sandwich can make wonders

Yesterday was a good day. Very good day!
However, I was really tired when I got home after 9:30 and thank good I took my everyday walk earlier that day.
So, I came back home and was very tired, but of course there are somethings which have to be done before I could go to bed. Also, before I could do anything was the first thing to do, to make a sandwich. To stand in the kitchen and eat the sandwich and do not think about anything else then this test amaaaazing!
Swedish heard bread and with liver paste. I can promise before the summer end I will have made homemade liver paste!

All for my friends

All for my friends

Last Sunday I had my friends over for a open house and served allot of different homemade bakeries, cakes and muffins.
If, I remember right I had 12 different yummy things. All I had bake took me 2 days and for sure it was worth it!

On the table I had maple-serape/chocolate muffins (my own recipe), sponge cake with and without chocolate souse, cinnamon bun, buns with vanilla cream, Tosca cake, and many others.
Of course I had also wipe cream!
To be in the kitchen and bake or cook food, alone, make me calm and relax. However, if anyone is at home when I bake, it is harder for me to concentrate.

The early summer has arrived

The early summer has arrived

Well, the last couple of weeks have not been fun at all here in Sweden.
The weather has been could, rainy and just very very greyish. Nothing like the Indian summer… However, now I think the summer weather has come to stay and we will have an amazing summer here in Sweden.
To see the sun stay up for longer time and rise earlier make the whole body wanna dance of happiness. Also, to feel the smell of flowers and just feel now, now the summer has come!
However, I think this is the best season of the year, early summer! But also, the happiest time too!