Walk in the greyish weather

Well, well…
My refrigerator is almost empty, what do I have_ yoghurt, milk, carrots, my food boxes for tomorrow… and some other green things also my eggs. As you propabbly know I ate allot of eggs in India. However, nowadays I eat many less (thank good).
Awesome! I have done something so the language on my laptop has changed from Swedish to English… Now I can not use the Swedish letter… Sight.. And I do not know how to fix it, my computer skills are very weak.
Back to my refrigerator, there for I have to go out to buy food, do some good things for the environment as in go to return station.
While I am will do all this I can also take my daily walk, my walk is from 45 min to 2 hours. Very important to point out, I am walking to my job also! Love the spring, summer in Sweden!!!!

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