from smaka på stockholm


I have a confesses to make, when there is a huge amount to choose from I get a big problem to choose what I want. Somehow I feel helpless because I can not find anything I want, but still there is huge variation.
Same problem was today, I finish my shift earlier then plan, there for I could meet up my family and go to smaka på stockholm.
Of course we walked around to have a look from where to order the food and I was the last one to decide. In the end I felt pretty low and I can order anything which is not hamburger. (I have become pretty again hamburger the reason is hamburger is too much junk food).
There for in the end my plate had a boiled chicken and salad, and of course no finger fried (too oily).

I can say this plate was very good, the food made me full but not heavy full. Also the price was 75 kr.

In smaka på stockholm, it is possible to buy pull pork, hamburger, fish, and pizza and nacho also much more!
Hurry up to go to smaka på stockholm, you will love it!

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