Walk in the greyish weather

Well, well…
My refrigerator is almost empty, what do I have_ yoghurt, milk, carrots, my food boxes for tomorrow… and some other green things also my eggs. As you propabbly know I ate allot of eggs in India. However, nowadays I eat many less (thank good).
Awesome! I have done something so the language on my laptop has changed from Swedish to English… Now I can not use the Swedish letter… Sight.. And I do not know how to fix it, my computer skills are very weak.
Back to my refrigerator, there for I have to go out to buy food, do some good things for the environment as in go to return station.
While I am will do all this I can also take my daily walk, my walk is from 45 min to 2 hours. Very important to point out, I am walking to my job also! Love the spring, summer in Sweden!!!!

A beautiful work


Well I do not think I have any reason to complain about my job.
Especially when the weather is sunny and warm.
To sit under the sun, felt so good.
This place is out in Vermdö, Lillsved!
Best place ever when the weather is good and sunny!

Why to the privet topic in public place?

What is wrong people?
Some days ago when I was traveling in the metro. I heard a women spoke about her colleague´s problems as in not manage her work, drank too much and so on. The lady spoke about that sort of topic in the metro.

Even with my headphone on and listen on some bollywood songs, I still heard what she spoke about.

I can not understand, how people can talk about privet topic in the metro. There for before I got out I told her what she is spoke about was not proper topic in the metro.
Well, her answer was anything else then kind, more or less I have no business, I have no right to listen.
But, if you are in public space people can hear. We should not move our privet conversation from privet places to public places. Because the people around you do not want to hear your privet talk. Also, it is rude, and you never know who hear your talk.

Never, talk privet topic in the metro. Keep the topic at home or in the office, but not in public places.
Why have the privet space moved from the house to the metro?