planing and planing

Swedish people do not like uncertainty in our life and there for try to plan. But at the same time we are aware of things don´t turn out in the way we want.
And I in that way, very Swedish.

Today, I met some relatives from Canada, they are here to visit. They are amazing people. For some month ago, I told them my wish was (is) to go abroad for my master and way not Canada.
There for they had some food items as gifts (I will show later) and a good booklet with universities all around Canada. Which mean I can finally get a good overview of all the universities.
The more sad part is allmost all the universities need 2 years of work experience, 4 years of BBA and IELTS also at last GMAT tests. In the end, I might be in Sweden for minimum 1 year and more. But mostly 2 years in Sweden.

So, my evening read will be the booklet I got.



A sushi


Yesterdays lunch was a big surprise, a very nice surprise. We had this lunch at Svenska Sushihuset in Midsommarkransen. The resturant have been there for some years and is very popular place to order take away or eat there.

The sushi was very big and beautiful also decoration. But,what were all the small things around the sushi? I have no idea, but it tasted good.
There for I can say I have to go back to Svenska sushihuset and my interest for Svenska hamburgarhuset next to sushi restaurant.


blue berries


Well, I have no good idea what to do, during my last days before college starting.
But the weather is changing from summer to fall. There for it is time to carry a thinner jacket.

Gush, on monday September is starting and we are actually entering fall. Everything is becoming so grey, mornings, weather and the colors are disappearing. 

But, with the fall the lingon season is starting! Witch mean for the people how has time, berry picking. But, with my time table I won’t be able to pick any more berries or enjoy the forest till the next summer. It is sad to think like that, but the forest is amazing. Nothing is like the forest.

This is big OMG

I can not believe this is the truth. How is it possible? What I am going to during Christmas?

During my Christmas holiday, I will be back in India.
Yes, its correct, I will be in India and meet my amazing friends.
I am going to India!! India, Incredible India.

The price of the tickets are not the cheapest, more or less the double. But what to do? Sometimes there are no other options.

India, I will be back in India, my second home. Or may be Sweden is my second home?

India is for sure home for real food lovers!

The pic of India, is something I got from an Indian friend for some years ago and could not delete the mail.

Hello my little friend!



During the summer long weekend was spend in Småland. Well, all around the were small read cottages with white windows. Also, the were I staid was a small red cottage with a big garden. With many apple trees and flowers.
We needed to do some work, as in pick up the apples from the grass, move the stocks for the upcoming fall.
And guess what we found under some of the stocks?
Yes, a super small lizard, spiders and much more. On the photo it look like the Lizard is saying hello, here I am! Haha,so funny.

I can not really understand the people how are afraid of lizards, spiders and so on. What can they do to us? All insects, reptiles in Sweden are “friendly”, they can not harm us.

Next week is the big week

Wow, the time has passed by so fast.

To things are starting, college and belly dance class. Somehow I can not wait to start to study and finally get fixed timings.
The belly dance will hopefully be some sort of relaxing activity for me between college and work.
We need some sort of fun during the week and not only work and study. Also, I have wanted to try belly dance for a very long time and finally its time!

I went to this try belly dance class today and I have to try this more. The company with belly dance.


Plan for today

Dance in the evening,
I have tried to plan some sort of activity to do in the evening. There should be something beside, work, studies and some work out in the gym. The gym is so individual it is good to be surrounded with people.

So, I thought of learn Arabic but I thought the to learn Arabic would take too much time outside the classroom, Also with whom would I practice it with?

Instead of a language, I am going to day evening for try belly dance. I have never dance belly dance, and I have not idea at all. But no harm to try and see if it something for me.

Picked mushroom


I had a big plan to pick mushroom, to fill up paper bags with mushrooms. Also, to walk around in the forest and leave the city life behind.
But, when I arrived in the forest and walk around I realized I arrived too late, or after everyone else. The reason is there were not many mushrooms left or at least many

I walked and walked and did not found many mushrooms at all. Next time I have to be in the forest before the other.

Himalaya or the north of Sweden

In the north of Sweden we have got the amazing nature just like Himalaya, or Himalaya nature sort off.

After been working for 3 weeks 7 days a week and got 4 days holiday. That is a feeling I have never felt before.
The reason is there is less amount of people, no traffic and no noise. What I could hear was the wind, birds and my own thoughts. Also during my time in India, I missed the nature and the possibility to walk around in the forest and pick berries. The forest and swamp are peaceful and amazing.

Loving the Swedish nature more then ever before. To walk in the swamp and pick cloudberries (the north gold).