A big day for me, might be a baby step for you

I am wondering if it is only me disliking to be in a gym and working out alone?
In my case, I like to exercise and see the progress. I have not problem of weight lifting, beside weight lifting is hard for me to do it alone. I have to have a person next to me. For example my PT in India, (The PTs I had in India in Golds Gym were amazing, I am very thankful). Alone and do weight lifting, create a mentally block in my head. There is something in my head saying I cannot be in the gym alone. But why?
There for in the last couple of months my working out has been zero, almost (I have been going to friskis & svettis for group workout). I am not proved at all. However, today is the big Day, I am going to the gym and either cardio or lower body. Let see what i remember from India…
For me, I love to have a person next to me when I am working out. Not for chatting just to be there.

logo (picture is taken from http://www.sthlm.friskissvettis.se/)

Upcoming Thursday evening is reserved to try belly dancing. I have never ever danced belly dancing and thought that might be fun to try something. This might be my cup off tea, if not I will try bollywood dancing. I know I have to practices on remembering choreographic and dance to rhythm (not at all my strongest sides). That is the reason kickboxing has been perfect for me, no rhythm, no choreographic just some sets to practices to and a partner to practices with.

As I said earlier today I am going to friskis och svettis gym.
Also, do you know any good working out, sports etc? Let me know, I would like to find something suiting me better.

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