planing and planing

Swedish people do not like uncertainty in our life and there for try to plan. But at the same time we are aware of things don´t turn out in the way we want.
And I in that way, very Swedish.

Today, I met some relatives from Canada, they are here to visit. They are amazing people. For some month ago, I told them my wish was (is) to go abroad for my master and way not Canada.
There for they had some food items as gifts (I will show later) and a good booklet with universities all around Canada. Which mean I can finally get a good overview of all the universities.
The more sad part is allmost all the universities need 2 years of work experience, 4 years of BBA and IELTS also at last GMAT tests. In the end, I might be in Sweden for minimum 1 year and more. But mostly 2 years in Sweden.

So, my evening read will be the booklet I got.



A sushi


Yesterdays lunch was a big surprise, a very nice surprise. We had this lunch at Svenska Sushihuset in Midsommarkransen. The resturant have been there for some years and is very popular place to order take away or eat there.

The sushi was very big and beautiful also decoration. But,what were all the small things around the sushi? I have no idea, but it tasted good.
There for I can say I have to go back to Svenska sushihuset and my interest for Svenska hamburgarhuset next to sushi restaurant.