planing and planing

Swedish people do not like uncertainty in our life and there for try to plan. But at the same time we are aware of things don´t turn out in the way we want.
And I in that way, very Swedish.

Today, I met some relatives from Canada, they are here to visit. They are amazing people. For some month ago, I told them my wish was (is) to go abroad for my master and way not Canada.
There for they had some food items as gifts (I will show later) and a good booklet with universities all around Canada. Which mean I can finally get a good overview of all the universities.
The more sad part is allmost all the universities need 2 years of work experience, 4 years of BBA and IELTS also at last GMAT tests. In the end, I might be in Sweden for minimum 1 year and more. But mostly 2 years in Sweden.

So, my evening read will be the booklet I got.



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