Hand cream can make everything soft

Due, to my work I have to use allot of hand cream.
But there is big different between hand cream and hand cream. A brand with two different scents,one has nothing and the other one smell like roses.

Now, I hope my hands will always be soft, because this brand should be good.


Picked mushroom


I had a big plan to pick mushroom, to fill up paper bags with mushrooms. Also, to walk around in the forest and leave the city life behind.
But, when I arrived in the forest and walk around I realized I arrived too late, or after everyone else. The reason is there were not many mushrooms left or at least many

I walked and walked and did not found many mushrooms at all. Next time I have to be in the forest before the other.

Himalaya or the north of Sweden

In the north of Sweden we have got the amazing nature just like Himalaya, or Himalaya nature sort off.

After been working for 3 weeks 7 days a week and got 4 days holiday. That is a feeling I have never felt before.
The reason is there is less amount of people, no traffic and no noise. What I could hear was the wind, birds and my own thoughts. Also during my time in India, I missed the nature and the possibility to walk around in the forest and pick berries. The forest and swamp are peaceful and amazing.

Loving the Swedish nature more then ever before. To walk in the swamp and pick cloudberries (the north gold).

the end of the season


The king of the fruits, might be the best fruit I know.
We buy the mangos from small Indian food store and not from the supermarket. The reason is, the supermarket mango is from Brazil and very tasteless. The yellow mango is imported from Pakistan. Yellow on the skin and inside also much sweeter then mango from Brazil. Funny part is, Indian mangos are on the black list and are not allowed to be sold,imported to Sweden, but Pakistani are okay.

Now, I can not wait tell next summer to eat more mangos. Pakistan or Indian mangos, what ever is allowed in the market and is not from the supermarket!

A big day for me, might be a baby step for you

I am wondering if it is only me disliking to be in a gym and working out alone?
In my case, I like to exercise and see the progress. I have not problem of weight lifting, beside weight lifting is hard for me to do it alone. I have to have a person next to me. For example my PT in India, (The PTs I had in India in Golds Gym were amazing, I am very thankful). Alone and do weight lifting, create a mentally block in my head. There is something in my head saying I cannot be in the gym alone. But why?
There for in the last couple of months my working out has been zero, almost (I have been going to friskis & svettis for group workout). I am not proved at all. However, today is the big Day, I am going to the gym and either cardio or lower body. Let see what i remember from India…
For me, I love to have a person next to me when I am working out. Not for chatting just to be there.

logo (picture is taken from http://www.sthlm.friskissvettis.se/)

Upcoming Thursday evening is reserved to try belly dancing. I have never ever danced belly dancing and thought that might be fun to try something. This might be my cup off tea, if not I will try bollywood dancing. I know I have to practices on remembering choreographic and dance to rhythm (not at all my strongest sides). That is the reason kickboxing has been perfect for me, no rhythm, no choreographic just some sets to practices to and a partner to practices with.

As I said earlier today I am going to friskis och svettis gym.
Also, do you know any good working out, sports etc? Let me know, I would like to find something suiting me better.

Wow, Am I back or not?


Hello from Sweden
Am I back again from a long summer holiday?
Well, I hope so.
The reason why I have not written anything for some months is due to I have been working, almost every day. How fun can it be to read about work? But I have to point out, I loved my job. The reason I was with amazing coo-workers and guests.

My summer job ended for a week ago and now I am working again in fast food. This job I got now is only an extra job beside my studies. Also, my studies are starting second of September (I am very excited to study again!). The books to first courses are already in my flat and the first book out is marketing (and yes, I have started to read and highlight the important parts).

You will see more from now, hopefully I will get more time to write and about more things!
I hope you all are fine and have had a great summer holiday with allot of rest for a long fall!