Pizza pizzzzza

Okay so I was may be not for the best help, at least my friend borrowing my book. Hopefully we understand MU/P.
Also, we we made awesome pizza and something different from meat loaf. I am getting sick of meat loaf and need something new for some days.

dinner with a friend

WP_000446 (2)

So, today has been a long and less good day. My door locked me out and I needed to call a professional came over and opened and fixed my door.
However, after 6 hour locked out I could finally have my food.

With a pretty bad day, I do hope my evening will turn out better then my day. My friend has invited me for dinner, homemade pizza and help her with micro economics.
Let see if I remember anything from micro.

Time pass with Hindi

Time pass between the courses.
This books have I had very long time, and I wonder if I have learn anything. I hope I have.
The thing is I have started to read and mostly I can figure out letters but the presentation is tricky.
The grammar is a nightmare. Words can be feminine/masculine, words for respect and close people and so and so on.
Hopefully, I will get to the grammar, but I think a real classes are needed. The reason is I have huge problems to learn a new language. May be Bollywood movie can help to pick up words?

Time pass


Trying to put color on my life with the fall has arrived. The air has become come much colder and leafs are falling from the trees.
The leather cloves and hat are not in boxes anymore. During the day the weather is around 15 degree an in the evenings falls to 5-10.T

he nail polish is not my favorite but, it is okay color. At least it is not black just like all the fall clothes.

Only a night is felt

Tomorrow is my final exam in Marketing. I want to complete the exam now and start with the new subject right away. Finance.
Hopefully finance is an interesting subject and useful in the international market.

However, today has been a very unproductive day. I do not know where the time went. A little bit of studies, walk and allot of big bang theory. Earlier in India for example I did not understand Big bang theory, but the show is good.

So, at 3-7 pm is exams time and bring it on! WP_000914


Today I tried to find all the important models and explanations in marketing. The work went pretty good till my glasses broke. Then, everything become so much harder. Impossible to read and not scratch the eyes.
The only answer I had on the problem was to pack down my books and go to the optical.
Only if I had not touch the glasses…
Well, hopefully I have learned my lesson. Never touch glasses while studying.

The future for my indian friends

Today in the morning my thoughts went to my friends in India.
How different the discussions can be between students.
Here in Sweden we are normally talking about college, work and travels and much more. For us here in Sweden our future marriage will be love, and no nothing else. There is no risk for arrange-marriage. While in India, my friends were talking about the marriages have to be love-marriage and they have to choose the man. Almost, everyone said love-marriage, after college and after 2-5 years of work.
But what does the statistic show? The most common is arrange with a percentage from 60-80%. So, how big chances are there for my friends to get a love marriage?
Hopefully, India is in a change with the marriage traditions, and love marriages become more common. Will the young women stand up against the family and society if the pressure of marriage arrives to the women earlier then she planned? Will they be against the families traditions, because almost every parents of them have had a arrange marriage.

A friend spoke directly, after college her parents are arrange a marriage for her and she has accepted it. What else can she do?
At the same time, two of my closer friends have found they love, one will get married in 2016. The other one friend, might be called half arrange/love marriage. Her boyfriends’ parents’ and her parents’ agreed for long time ago about arrange marriage, but she and her boyfriend fall in love before she got to know it. The engagement ceremony is in June and she has invited me, (Might have to travel to India again in the summer)


To do it or not

As you might now, every Wednesday at 8:15 is belly dance class. Belly dance is something I can recommend to try.
Well the question is if I should preform at our student show or not.
The thing is, I kind of enjoy to have the attention for a speech. To talk in front of a group is easy, and I am confident. Probably because I have done it many times not only in school.
On the other side, to dance, preform in front of a crowd that is much scarier. The thing people are look at you, how you move and on the body. While a speech is more focus on how to use the voice, words and be or pretend comfortable.

Also, something I thought, I have wanted to try belly dance for a long time. and finally I do it. But, to improve as a person, I should try the scary part. I have to put myself in uncomfortable situation. What can happen? That I forget a step? Well that is nothing compare with my first journey to India.
There for in the end, I might be dancing on 9-10th of December in front of a crowd!

No No I do not panicing

So today is Friday and the weekend is knocking on the door. Especially after salary.
However, in my case I would love to have a more workday before holiday.
The reason is very simple. On Monday at 3 -7 PM is exams’.
Why could not I get a day extra to study?
Also, it is big differences between Indian studies and Swedish. After a months with Swedish studies and still not use to it. What I am not use to is how much time I HAVE to spend on studies. on to of that, I have to get the habit to check the timetable more often.
Well, best part is next subject is Finance, then I will be awesome and more ready!!