A reason to love India


Right now I looked on my photos from Goa.
Of course my heart become heavier and my mood change. Then I started to wonder what is it with India?
What makes India so special? Why do I and India have this hate/love relationship?

From those two questions, my mind has work try to answer them. The questions are easy to make, but the answer is complex, or at least not short.

First I thought, I have amazing memories, from 2010 and till now. In 2010-2011 that year effected me allot, with international friends, Indians families and friends. I was living something many could only dream about, I got a new freedom and responsibilities.
Also, the families and the friends I made, I have never met so much love from any one (specially in Sweden).

When I think about India, I don’t think about rape, valance only. There is the incredible India, which the papers do not writhe about. The history, religions, food, the people and the nature.
But, may be I am lucky to have experiences some of Indian culture and not only been a tourist.

I know, India is an amazing country to travel to, but to live in India for more a year (hoe do they survive?)


Right now, I wish to be in Goa on a beach and eat fresh pineapple. To feel the sun heat and a warm breeze pass by, to hear the music from the beach restaurants. Have some friends around me, and just laugh and play football. When ever the mind stat to get bored or the sun is too warm, it is to walk on the really hot sand down to the water. Also the water is warm, so no worries to get cold.
Something you can not miss almost all tourist are Russian.


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