I have decided

From my summer job in fast food to my current job in fast food too. I have seen many drunk people, from being little tipsy to not being able to talk normally and stinking alcohol from a distance.

I wondering what is so special with the poisoning of alcohol.


The level of our thinking decrease to same level as a reptile. From acting on thoughts to instinct, people become one of the stupid living being on the earth. The person with alcohol are able of saying anything, acting irresponsible.

With my work, my meeting with them are normally in some minutes when they are ordering food.
But, over the shirt period of time, I get tired of them. But also, sometimes scared, because it is sometimes hard to know how the man/women will react. The forecasting is not easy.
On top of that, the topic they normal have, is might be lower then a 10 year’s old kid, but they think they are the brightest person on earth.

Or the people how explain with alcohol I can dance, I do not dear to dance without alcohol. How come?
The key to be able to dance is to have confidence in yourself, have people you trust around and of course music. If something of this missing, then none can dance, or at least I can not relax and be able to dance (how I want). For me, I do not need alcohol to dance, I need to believe in myself, friends I trust and music, that is the key to be able to dance all night out.

From what I have seen, alcohol comes with no good. I have not been drinking for over a year. I saw how people become after a glass or two with alcohol and decided to stop. Because I do not want to be the fool, I do not want to become more open, friendly due to alcohol.
If I want to be someone else, then the change should be based on changing personality for a long lasting period of time, and not due to alcohol (temporary change).

On the other hand, sometimes to not drink when the rest drink can creating questions or be calling such as party-pooper, boring. How come, it is more okay for the drinker to call non-drinker boring, when the non-drinker does not call the drinker such as loosing-control person, or reptile-thinker?

Also, why is it more common for the drinker to say to the non-drinker; common by are beer or drink with us, do not drink kids-drinks? When, the non-drinker does not say to the drinker stop drink your alcohol and join me with an orange juice?
Is it because the drinkers think they are higher up and has the right to comment on others chose?

In the end, I chose how I want to live and so do you. You can do what you want as long you do not harm yourself or anyone else.
I have chosen to not drink because I do not want to be a reptile for a night, and lose my control. I want to live healthy, enjoy my life without alcohol.
I love my life.

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