Tomorrow morning is booked for a meeting

Now, I am back in Stockholm and tried to download e-book in marketing from MTM.
Well, that did not happen.

4291042fe7fe452bbe1dcc718d6dea81.aspx(from MTM website)

The reasons are before, the whole process was much more easier, just download from the app on the Ipod. But now, I have to download on my computer and the transfer the file to my Ipod.
On top of that, I have no idea about my password to MTM.
During my year in India, I did not have any e-books, or any help equipments.

Therefor, I got a time to meet a stuff from my home university to explain and help me how MTM is working.

Little bit of MTM, public authority responsible for e-books and other help equipments. Due to my dyslexia, my home university provide MTM, which make my studies easier. For me, I remember better to listen on books then read them and it goes faster.
Well, many of the books have a computer voice, but funny is, the ears get use to it.

I can not wait to be able to download the e-book for marketing. E-books are a big help for me, huge help.


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