Think, fast and slow


I do love to read books, I read books when I got the time. But sometimes, when I have to read allot literature for the course in college, my enjoyment of reading on my free time is very low. May be more people feel the same as me.

However, I bought this book for sometimes ago, but during the summer all my awake time was for my different works. S, this book written by Daniel Kahneman was in the bookshelf, sad but it is the truth. Now, the book is out from the bookshelf and I read some pages every week.

This book explain in a very good and easy way how the the brain is working with system 1 and system 2. Also, with allot of experiments so the reader can test and try.
May be what I like the most, is all the examples in the book, from real tests made on students, notes from articles and so on.
However, I just saw where my bookmark is, and there is a long way before this book is over.

Very interesting book, a most read book!

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