Fast food


So, today I worked from 3-7 pm and needed to eat fast food and not normal fast food.
I do not like the fast food because I am working with hamburger and so on.

There for, I am very pleased to have sometimes canes at home. (yes, this soup is not homemade). It is just open the cane heat it and eat. Can it be any faster?
Well, the sades part the cane soup did not have the much of flavor, but better then nothing. To get little more taste, I added cottage cheese and basilica.

After the work

Yesterday I did not have time to do any good updates. The whole day was full booked with all sort of things.
First I had a “skyedate” with a very friend of mine, my friend does not live in Sweden, so we can only stay in touch by whatsapp and Skype. Thank God, we have mobile phones, internet, computers to make it easier to stay in touch!
Then it was time to run to college and meet up my group and write about our marketing paper. We are almost done, while many others have just started with the paper. Of course we had a lecture from 1-4 pm and after college was work time from 5-10 pm.


Not only I had hope to get a early sleep, and planned for. A friend of mine met me after my work and we took a walk also met up with an other friend of his. So, yea you can imaging we had a calm night and just hanged out. But, at 1:30 am, when they went out to have a night out in Stockholm Nightlife, it was finally my time go to bed.
The club life is not my coup of tea, I prefer to go out for dinner or be at home and take it easy with friends or family. The nicer part to go out is to dress up, but the rest feels pathetic. To drink, not be able to talk or listen proper and the environment in general. Home sweet home.

easy and a good book


The other book I have started to read is “Indien”.
What I like this book is the book has a easy language, which mean perfect for the local train.
Also, the book is written about India’s future opportunities and the strength as in high technology. On the other hand India has also weakness for example is the short experience of open market and high tradition of bureaucracy

Probably the readers should have an interests in India to enjoy the book-