Silk, silk and more silk


More scarfs a more fancy scarf.

When ever a tourist is in India, I would say you have to visit Fabindia.
The question is why. What is the special with FabIndia.
What I can say this, and may be the biggest reason. Fabindia use traditional and hand based process. They links over 55 000 local based rural producers to modern urban market. There for an important company to help the society.
Also, the products have organic products.
The link to Fabindia store:

On top of that, many of Fabindia products have different labels depending on how organic the product is.

To see on the other hand, Fabindia has allot of clothes both more traditional Indians and western. What I have got home from Fabindia is a mix of traditional kurtha and scarfs but also western blouses.
The photo is on a scarf from Fabindia made of 100 & silk, for 100 kr (if I remember right).
For sure, the shopper get value for the money and it is easy to find a Fabindia store.

They have the own showrooms, but the stores are located in shopping malls and on bigger shopping streets.


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