Tomorrows’ plan

Well, due to the political situation with Russia, we in Sweden has got allot of extra meat. One of the reasons is because the trade blocks. There for, we have finally got sort of cheaper meat.
Might be time to buy up all of meat on freeze it.

However, I have bought meat and thought what can I do with it. But, I have wanted to meat loaf for a period of time and tomorrow is the big day for meat loaf!
The problem is my flat does not have an oven. There for I have to travel to my parents house and cook.

Then the next problem is, which recipe am I suppose to follow? Well, in the end, I will try to follow somewhat and then remove some indigents which I do not have and add some others. IMG_6512

(meat loaf with olives, sounds and look too good)

The book I have looked up is.


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