walk in the darkness

Thank god, it did not rain in the evening/night, because a evening walk is always nice. To walk around in the city and it is dark outside with lights in the windows.
It gives me a special feelings, might be peacefulness. I think it is a way to get away from all the studies and the pressure I put on myself.

During the walks there is opportunity to reflect and create plans. Also, to be able to reflect about things which I normally do not have in my mind. For example it was during one of my walks I decided to try belly dance and also to apply for language course in Arabic.

Tonight my friend gave me company, this Saturday is her last day in Sweden before she returns back to Italy and study. We might have not met so many times during the summer. We might have special bounds because we do not meet that often, but when we meet, it feels we have not changed and still understand each other. That is a true friend.

However, now when the fall has arrived it is time to cover up more. A jacket is not enough, a hat, gloves and a scarfs with a sweater but also a jacket are needed. A new season has arrived with new tests.


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