Tea from London

Well, if I did work last friday and if I did not need to study for the exam.
I would have been in London over the last weekend. Therefor they traveled without me to London and had a good time. Went on Opera, visit museums, stores and had afternoon tea, more or less a typical weekend.

I might say, they did not forgot me in Sweden and bought a gift with them from London. So, sweet! The best part is the gift is a consuming goods, tea.
Seriously, it is hard to have too much tea.
May be tea is one of the best gift to give away, The reason is for me, I do not want to spend allot of money on tea (one time use only), but I like to get more fancier tea in gifts. Fancier so I can use when friends are over and so on.


A new flavor in my tea collection.
What I have is lemon, afternoon tea, Masala, ginger and tea from Azerbaijan (no idea about the taste), saffron for Saffron tea from Afghanistan and many others.

The sadness part is I am right now in a coffee period. So, the tea is on the shelf in the kitchen


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