Good to buy

In October is Rosa banden month, breast cancer found month. There for many company has special products. But this product and we donate 1 kr to the found. Nothing wrong with that, instead the company is very good.
The breast cancer found get more money, companies earn goodwill, and we consumer get a better feeling about us. We consumer satisfy our self.achievement needs (Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).
Not only has ICA a campany to buy they milk and donate a kr. I read they donate the food they can not sell in the food store anymore (best before day has passed) to organizations such as Frälsningsarmen and they provide the food the needed people (satisfy the very basic need, physiological need in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs).
I hope more and more company will do this, such as cafes, restaurants and so on. In the end we all are responsible for each other.



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