I have to try a new brand

I have had this peanut butter for sometime now and finally started to eat it.
I love it, love peanut butter. However I think this brand flavor is pretty weak and I had hope to taste more of peanut…

However, when I was much younger and my family from Canada came over to visit us here. They had always with them big packages of peanut butter and family packages Oreo cookies, last but not less important American pancakes mix. The typical American junk food, the exotic food, but I loved it and still love it.
They took this sort of food with them because in Sweden the peanut butter and Oreo cookies were much more expensive then in Canada. Also, it was impossible to find family package with Oreo cookies with uncommon flavor.

I can still remember when we had friends over and drank juice and ate Oreo cookies in the kitchen. Or the first breakfast bread with peanut butter after years without it. What a time it was! Still, when I opened the peanut butter today the old memories came back and I enjoined the breakfast allot. Some peanut butter did not appear on the bread before it went in to my moth…. None can tell me to stop!



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