Pizza pizzzzza

Okay so I was may be not for the best help, at least my friend borrowing my book. Hopefully we understand MU/P.
Also, we we made awesome pizza and something different from meat loaf. I am getting sick of meat loaf and need something new for some days.

dinner with a friend

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So, today has been a long and less good day. My door locked me out and I needed to call a professional came over and opened and fixed my door.
However, after 6 hour locked out I could finally have my food.

With a pretty bad day, I do hope my evening will turn out better then my day. My friend has invited me for dinner, homemade pizza and help her with micro economics.
Let see if I remember anything from micro.

Time pass with Hindi

Time pass between the courses.
This books have I had very long time, and I wonder if I have learn anything. I hope I have.
The thing is I have started to read and mostly I can figure out letters but the presentation is tricky.
The grammar is a nightmare. Words can be feminine/masculine, words for respect and close people and so and so on.
Hopefully, I will get to the grammar, but I think a real classes are needed. The reason is I have huge problems to learn a new language. May be Bollywood movie can help to pick up words?