happy halloween

While other are out and having fun with friends.
I will be working and probably meet them at the desk. May be they will be smelling of alcohol and not knowing what to order. Still I am smiling and trying to meet them with a happy smile.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I am planing to not turn on my alarm clock.

Today, I had a lunch meeting. The meeting went good and may be I ate too much. But the food was so good.
The exam went good too. 😀

A big day


Today is a important day. From 9 am is finally finance exam.
At 4-10 pm I got to work and again no time to meet friends. But on Sunday after work my friend is meeting up my friend.
However, I thought it is crazy I will be done with my BBA in 2016 January.
January, till then I have to keep on working hard.
Then, let see what sort of trip I m going to do. Travel to Canada, India or travel somewhere in Europe?

Exam in some hours…nervous!

Salmon from Alberta

IMG_1987 - Copy

Well, when I visited my family in Canada we made a day trip to Banff. During the day we were in the hot spring. Beautiful view over the mountains, with a lot of trees and snow covered tops.
Of course after a day in the springs, the tummy get empty and new energy is needed.
Banff is a beautiful town. With many restaurants, so there is no problem to find a place to eat.
The restaurant we visited had Salmon from Alberta, if I remember it was also from Banff or near by place.
The dish was amazing, tasted like heaven! We all ordered the same dish and loved it allot.

a walk next to Mälaren


Just 15 minutes with the metro and it is possible to take the walk next to the water for very long way to Stockholm city.


However, to walk next to the water and see the green trees in the summer. Are very refreshing. Nowadays, in the fall. The nature is beautiful, but the fall is depressing.
A reason to move away from Sweden.

Today, I have to visit my university to buy next course literature and attend a meeting.

Welcome home to me


Last week at 9 – 10 pm I got this beauty from my brother.
In my case I have to less specie for all my books. The reason might be due to all my old literature from the first year in university is in my apartment and not in a box in the basement.
However, I think books are grate, I have always loved books. Even when I started to read and it took me 10 min to read a page I liked it. People have tried to introduce CD with books on and now e-books. But I prefer to read books especially when I read for fun. But, with literature for my education, and we have to read 300 pages in a day. I am very thankful of eBooks, time saving, and I have no time to waste my energy or time.
Now the shelf has some of my cooking, religion, philosophy books and my make up.
Soon this shelf is going to be full of books (happy me!)

Simple but I love it


Yes this brand is my favorite brand or more right the designer is my favourite one.
I love label ritu kumar and ritu kumar clothes.
In my opinion Label Ritu Kumar is more for younger women and also less expensive. While on the other hand Ritu Kumar is more expensive, higher quality fabric and may be little more harder to wear for a daily business.

But the outfit on the picture, is perfect for college and to go out in. Loving it! But, I do not need the top or the bag…. I can already now say, when I am in India I have to visit Ritu Kumar store. HAVE to.

kids book

When i was a kid I had books about a boy Max. This boy Max did many things, in one of the books it is about he and his stroller.

There for guess what I found in the library in Arabic. Yes, the book about Max with his stroller. So, now again I am reading this book after 15 years, but this time in Arabic. With the same porous learning to read.


Well, my vocabulary in Arabic is almost zero. But I know the letters. There for my plan is to read every word and use a dictionary for every word. This is a time consuming but are there any other ways of learning a forging language?

short night

Well I had a horrible sleep last night. I did not have huge problem to fall asleep, but I didn’t sleep calmly.
Also, the newspaper delivery woke me up at 3 am. After 3 am I woke up many times before 6:10 am.

However, right now I am sitting at my kitchen table and try to study for the exam. My eyes are heavy and painful, it feels like I have sandpaper on my eyes.

My plan is to go to the public library to borrow some kids book in Arabic. Nothing wrong to be 22 and read kids books (baby books). IMG_6574

exam week

Okay I have to confess my internet is still down and I don’t dear to touch or try to fix it by myself. Technology and me are not best friends.
On top of that we all students have exam week this week. Which mean we are just studying for the exam. So I don’t want to interrupt with the exams preparations there for still no internet at home.WP_20140602_001

Also the weather is horrible nowadays. Windy, cold and dark also with allot of rain. Why can’t we get snow?
Before the winter arrives I will look at summer days.
This photo is from my work at a cafe at Värmdö. A typical summer cafe in Sweden. Very nice place to visit.