lunch with a friend

Well for The first time to be at Vapiano. Everytime i have passed any vapiano it has been crowded. vapiano has a nice concept, Cook the food infornt of the customer. the problem is the Cues can be long and there for long wait time to get the food.
my food was a normal salad, while my friend had pasta.
i would not really go back because the noise level is high.


hopefully my friend want to orgonize a game evening with friends.

plans for today

Lovely Saturday morning

Right now I am watching Big Bang Theory and having a big cup of coffee.
Yesterday at my work we had crazy much of people the whole day. From only 6 hours of work I got 7,5 hours. So, and today is a Saturday.
Then, today’s plan is working out at friskis och svettis, meeting a friend (we have not met since India) and baking and at last get help in finance.
Just sitting down and watch a TV-show is not bad, and it is early morning does not harm either.