Diwali in Sweden


So this upcoming Saturday has the Indian-Swedish organization organized a Diwali festival!
For two years ago, I went on the fest and it was very nice celebration, with Indian food, dance and speeches.
I hope this year will be even better! Diwali a happy festival, and lovely.

The photo is taken at a Jain temple in Pune. My host/Indian family took me to the temple, the temple is a block away from our home. Also, the temple was very crowded with dressed up Indians.

Welcome back I have missed you

Are the leafs not beautiful?
I have not expired fall for over a year. In India, I can not say they have fall, due to nothing is really changed only the temperature.
However, the trees are beautiful with the leafs, but with the darkness is not that fun. When I wake up it is dark outside, when I come back home, it is dark again.
Hopefully, we will get some snow.

At 8:30 am is the time for passport photo. Thank God I have woke up on time and had time to get ready!