Diwali in Sweden


So this upcoming Saturday has the Indian-Swedish organization organized a Diwali festival!
For two years ago, I went on the fest and it was very nice celebration, with Indian food, dance and speeches.
I hope this year will be even better! Diwali a happy festival, and lovely.

The photo is taken at a Jain temple in Pune. My host/Indian family took me to the temple, the temple is a block away from our home. Also, the temple was very crowded with dressed up Indians.

2 thoughts on “Diwali in Sweden

  1. Respected sir,
    Me ujjal roy,tabla player,A-grade artist(A.I.R/Doordarshsn),me and my team (one classical, gazal,light singer and one dancer)are coming europe in the mounth of October and stay here last weak of November. If you give a chance to performe our indian classical music on your prestigious stage we are highly great full for that. Thank you.

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