today is a big day!

Call me crazy but I like it.
So, today is the first day with the Arabic class. There for my feelings are mixed, with excitement and scared. Who will be there? How is the prof? My feelings are the same as the first day in a new semester.
Responds I have got are why do you want to study Arabic? Do you need to study Arabic?
Well, it is always good to know languages. We are living in a more global world and a way to stand out in the crowed is to know language.
Also, for me, I felt German, Spanish or French are languages everyone have been studying. So, I want to stand out, try a hard language and just work hard so the sweat is dripping from my forehead. It is my turn to learn a language, my turn.  Best part is may be folkuniversitet does not have mark system, there for this sort of classes are betterfor me in language subjects.

Also, hopefully during the spring semester I can study an extra course beside my BBA and work. I have applied to different courses from political science, imaging and business. Let see what I can study, the results are out on 10th of December.


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