Good morning!

I had an amazing Diwali festival. Everything was very organized by Swedish-Indian society.
When we arrived at the hotel, we mingled and got chicken tikka and samosa with alcohol or non-alcholoic drink. At 7.30 we sat at our table and the ambassador of India spoke and a dance group preformed different Indian dances. Mrs. ambassador is hardworking, inspiring, charismatic and a role model for me.

For dinner we got mango salad and an other with mint chutney and other souses for starters, and main course chicken curry, lamb kofta, chole, paneer and rice. For dessert, a cheesecake and coffee.
Well, the sadness part my battery in my camera over, due to my camera has been on without my knowledge.
The Swedish-Indian society raised a fundraising for an Indian NGO working for the children, and collected 8 000 kr. Yes, I was one of them how contributed., the membership is free and the society organizing different activities over the year. In November they are organizing an Indian cooking class.

The Kurta is from Febindia with handmade decorations, pants for an other kurta and special made for me. (when I sat down, the stiches borked and I got a hole, thankfully my kurta was long and covered the hole).

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