This journey took me 6 months

6 months ago a plan arrived  at Arlanda airport from Doha. On that plain sat an unhappy tired and lost girl. Without any clue of what was going to happen during the summer. At that time there were so many thoughts and feelings.
Where is home, is it India or Sweden? When will I meet my friends?

Well summer came and all was about work and work and work. In September life changed again, from work, work to study and work.

Now, I can say and being proved my Indian journey is over. I am here in Sweden, mentally and physical. Actually the adoption of the Swedish culture took me 6 months. Six whole months. A very long period of time. But it is now I can feel more peaceful then before. Also, the things I am do are only self-achievement.
My weeks are about studies in business and Arabic and also work and dance. I am do things which I have dreamed of since I was in school years. How cool is that not?
Slowly my list of things to do becomes shorter. I do things which I want and feel for.

My life in Sweden is good. I am finally a part of the society. I am in the society and culture. Extra important, I have goals and right now my life is about to build a foundation.

My journey with India during 2013-14 is over, but in the future there will be more journeys.
But first i have to enjoy my time in Sweden. Stay busy and work!

(photo from London for 4 years ago)
Keep on walking and do not turn and around, there is no point of turning around or wondering if you choose right way. The way you choose is always the right way, no matter of what.


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