not easy

This is an update from my phone. What a crazy day!
Firs I woke up during night 4 times. Because I thought I had slept too much and missed the alarm. Probably due to my stress. Then when I woke up and had my breakfast I drank 2-3 tea cups (huge cups fills easily 2-3 normal size cups) of coffee.
Then I needed to be at the university to present z-score model on Onoff. Study before work. Also my job started an hour earlier. At work, it was non-stop from 3-10 pm. Non-stop work. My feet ads feeling heavy and I want to sleep but can’t. Not yet.
Probably tomorrow morning will be in the same way. Coffee us the key.
Well 10-12 Arabic class, 2-8 pm work. Sunday laundry 7-12 am, work and then study.


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