Salmon from Alberta

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Well, when I visited my family in Canada we made a day trip to Banff. During the day we were in the hot spring. Beautiful view over the mountains, with a lot of trees and snow covered tops.
Of course after a day in the springs, the tummy get empty and new energy is needed.
Banff is a beautiful town. With many restaurants, so there is no problem to find a place to eat.
The restaurant we visited had Salmon from Alberta, if I remember it was also from Banff or near by place.
The dish was amazing, tasted like heaven! We all ordered the same dish and loved it allot.

a walk next to Mälaren


Just 15 minutes with the metro and it is possible to take the walk next to the water for very long way to Stockholm city.


However, to walk next to the water and see the green trees in the summer. Are very refreshing. Nowadays, in the fall. The nature is beautiful, but the fall is depressing.
A reason to move away from Sweden.

Today, I have to visit my university to buy next course literature and attend a meeting.