happy halloween

While other are out and having fun with friends.
I will be working and probably meet them at the desk. May be they will be smelling of alcohol and not knowing what to order. Still I am smiling and trying to meet them with a happy smile.
Tomorrow is Saturday and I am planing to not turn on my alarm clock.

Today, I had a lunch meeting. The meeting went good and may be I ate too much. But the food was so good.
The exam went good too. 😀

A big day


Today is a important day. From 9 am is finally finance exam.
At 4-10 pm I got to work and again no time to meet friends. But on Sunday after work my friend is meeting up my friend.
However, I thought it is crazy I will be done with my BBA in 2016 January.
January, till then I have to keep on working hard.
Then, let see what sort of trip I m going to do. Travel to Canada, India or travel somewhere in Europe?

Exam in some hours…nervous!