short night

Well I had a horrible sleep last night. I did not have huge problem to fall asleep, but I didn’t sleep calmly.
Also, the newspaper delivery woke me up at 3 am. After 3 am I woke up many times before 6:10 am.

However, right now I am sitting at my kitchen table and try to study for the exam. My eyes are heavy and painful, it feels like I have sandpaper on my eyes.

My plan is to go to the public library to borrow some kids book in Arabic. Nothing wrong to be 22 and read kids books (baby books). IMG_6574

exam week

Okay I have to confess my internet is still down and I don’t dear to touch or try to fix it by myself. Technology and me are not best friends.
On top of that we all students have exam week this week. Which mean we are just studying for the exam. So I don’t want to interrupt with the exams preparations there for still no internet at home.WP_20140602_001

Also the weather is horrible nowadays. Windy, cold and dark also with allot of rain. Why can’t we get snow?
Before the winter arrives I will look at summer days.
This photo is from my work at a cafe at Värmdö. A typical summer cafe in Sweden. Very nice place to visit.


Finally my question is answered. In many arabic songs the singer sing habib and I have never known what the meaning is. But last Saturday I got know habib in Swedish kära, sweetheart (sort of).
Well, today has been crazy.
Study and work. And now I am reading Arabic. Just to get more used to the letters.

IMG_6483 the chocolate is due to an amazing day and I deserve something sweet!

A very good weekend in the end. I can’t say I have had a calm weekend at all. Non of the days were without any plans or work.
Well today I had my first practical work with account at a company in the metall business. We went throw what and how do to the work on visma program. Hopefully there will be more work this Wednesday or Saturday. Well the upcoming Saturday is a red day in our calendar but that doesn’t stop me for working.
Thank you mr. With helping and teaching me more about account. Hoping to meet you soon and do more work.

Saturday isn’t a work free day


Good morning, I hope you all had a good sleep. In my case my neighbor had a party with allot of music and dance. Due to salary Friday. However I slept before 00, which I normally don’t.

Now I am on the way to the Arabic class. My confidence in languages have always been low. But I am hoping this will change while I’m mastering Arabic slowly.

not easy

This is an update from my phone. What a crazy day!
Firs I woke up during night 4 times. Because I thought I had slept too much and missed the alarm. Probably due to my stress. Then when I woke up and had my breakfast I drank 2-3 tea cups (huge cups fills easily 2-3 normal size cups) of coffee.
Then I needed to be at the university to present z-score model on Onoff. Study before work. Also my job started an hour earlier. At work, it was non-stop from 3-10 pm. Non-stop work. My feet ads feeling heavy and I want to sleep but can’t. Not yet.
Probably tomorrow morning will be in the same way. Coffee us the key.
Well 10-12 Arabic class, 2-8 pm work. Sunday laundry 7-12 am, work and then study.