A good day

I have had a great day today.
First in the morning I read about organization theories, due to the upcoming test. It was not for the organization theory my day was good.
No, no, no. The reason was during the whole afternoon was spend in the kitchen. I made the kladdkaka for my friend and also saffron buns with afghan saffron, Gharzai saffron. In the background spotify played Christmas carols.

When I came back home the Christmas star and crib from India are up. My family in India gave me them before I left India. There for I will always remember them when I look at the Christmas decorations.
Today was first of advent, the countdown is on.

To my friend

I know how much she loves kladdkaka, or how crazy she is in kladdkaka. A pity part is normal kitchen in India has not a oven.
There for, I have made two kladdkaka to her. Homemade kladdkaka taste much better then the kladdkaka from the stores.
Also, baking a kladdkaka take no time at all,  in 20 minutes and then you got a cake. Perfect with a cup of coffee, or with typical Swedish fika.

100g Butter
2 1/2 cups granulated sugar
2 eggs
1 cup flour
3 tablespoons cocoa
1 teaspoon vanilla
icing sugar
To serve:
whipped cream
To do this: Preheat the oven to 175 °. Melt the butter in a saucepan. Lift the pan from the heat. Stir in the sugar and eggs, mix well. Stir in remaining ingredients so that everything is well mixed. Pour batter into a greased and floured mold with removable rim, about 24 cm in diameter. Bake in the oven for about 15 minutes. The cake will be low with quite a hard surface and a bit sticky in the middle. Allow the cake to cool. Dust with icing sugar. Serve with cream or ice cream and fruit.
The recipe is from Arla.

Fragrance from bodyshop

For some days ago I wrote about the advent calender from Bodyshop.
This, fragrance name is Indian night Jasmine. The sense is not at all sweet as many teenagers perfumers are. Also, the bottle is simple but smell good. I have never had a jasmine fragrance.
The product is a good Christmas gift. Perfect.

If I could, I would do everything again

The Hiamalya trip was our last trip as a group.
We had been together for a year, none knew each other before trip to India, we came with open minds and hearts. After four years we are still in contacts. We were an incredible (group) family from USA, Germany, Brazil, France and many more places.
The trip To Himalaya was probably one of the best trips which I have ever done. One week of hiking up in Manali.

To get to Manali from Delhi meant we needed to take a long night journey in a Volvo bus. The roads to Manali were breathtaking and we came back home alive. Also, I can still remember horrible bathrooms…

In Himalaya we were little sentimental because it was our last final trip together, the first girls left India after few days after this trip.

Himalaya has something incredible, may be a spell. There is something which I can explain, but has to experience to understand. Himalaya is Himalaya, a unique place.
Also, when we were up in Himalaya, my grandmother in Sweden got happy birthdays form me. To be able to call a dear person from India and also in Himalaya is not bad.

I am glad I got the opportunity to spend one year in India. One year is nothing at least not now anymore, however for a 17 years old girl it was huge, but one year can change your life. India changed mine. I love India, India is my home.
My aai and baba, brothers and sisters are in India, they were my families in India in 2010 and still are. They are my other families. I am lucky to have more then one mother and fathers and many siblings also too many cousins. To have loving families and friends are all that really matters.
I want to travel back to India and spend a year or two…

This is a huge thanks for Rotaty youth exchange program. Thanks to them I got the opportunity to travel to India. I wish more teenagers applied to Rotary youth exchange program, scholarship. Rotary makes it possible.

Samosa is on my list

Well, during the visit in India I have some things I have to do.
Mostly it is to eat different dishes, but also meet my friends and much much more.

Street food: Samosa, pani puri, SPTP and momos.
Visits: my friends, college, families, phoneix mall, older part of Pune and might visit Mumbai. Also, go out at least once with friends.
Shopping: books, sneakers and spices.

Right now it looks like I have to stay one-3 nights at different places, just to be able to meet everyone. There for 2 weeks are not enough anymore. The time table is very tight.


Also, I know I have to bring medicine because, I will get sick. Not only because of the street food, but also due to oil, spices, water and so on. During all my visits in India 3 times and for around 2 years, my stomach has been all stages from peaceful to totally mess.
I just say bring it on, nothing can stop me to enjoy food. NOTHING.

Homemade pizza

Homemade pizza is probably the best pizza ever. During my 22 years old I have made pizza for 4 times.
However, the pizza topping should be much more then the pizza on the photo, double of everything. The beauty of homemade is to deiced everything. There for I am wondering why do not I have a own? Why….

Today, again I needed to work an half hour extra. But today was a good day, nice customers and as always lovely co-workers.
Also, tomorrows’ plan is studying, decorate my apartment and also visit my parents.

Last saturday in November


Well Tomorrow is the first advent. which mean we have Christmas around the corner.
Also, at the market places the sellers have started to sell Christmas trees. Well, in my case I will not get any Christmas tree because won’t be at home and also, the tree is waste of place, money and time. However, I will decorate a Christmas tree, but at my parents house, probable around the 19th of December with christmas carols.
On the other side after the work my Christmas star and some other decorations. Might, be good to do my next saffron buns and Kladdkaka.

Finally home

Every Friday after salary means that everyone has decided to drink and be rude. On the other side, there are customer who are more busy with the phone then to listen on the worker. Sometimes I have tried to repeat the orders and they too occupied with something on the phone and do not listen. They are in a other world, unreachable. That is very rude and to not show any respect toward us worker. How hard can it be to put aside a phone for 1 minute and get the whole order right. While sometimes when they do not listen the order can get wrong and everything take much longer time.
Also, there are some customers which say give me this, instead of I would like to have or can I get. But this give me, dose insult me and rude. Somehow it make me feel that I am a slave. Or can a reason be because of customers are customers and we worker have no right to correct them. Due to customers have always right, but seriously they do not, but we workers have to correct our behavior to the customers.
The customers do not appreciate us worker, but if the customer has been in our feet the person knows how our situation can be.

Right now my tea cup is next to me and my tension is sipping away. Tomorrow is a long day, Arabic class and work. Also studies. Long, long day.

This tea taste really good!

Is it time to write a christmas list?

Well, even if I won’t be with my family for Christmas and not even in the same country. There is no reason to skip writing a Wish list for Christmas.
The thing is, last year I was not with my family for Christmas and not this year either. Is it a sign that I am growing up?

The thing is I do not wish to get any clothes, make up, perfume or handbag.
I do not need anything also I am traveling to India and there are the price much better on almost everything. There for, what do I wish?
I would say a nice Christmas buffet with my family at 13th of December (yes my camera will be with me). A reason is in India I did not get any Christmas food such as Christmas ham, meet balls and much much more. 13th of December, my time to enjoy with family!

Also I already know what I am getting from my family and it will be very use full in India.

Elks are attacking Stockholm


In some places in Stockholm city have huge lighting elks. As I know, there are three places with huge elks.


Think to have at least a 3 meter huge elk in the garden with full lighting. I said it is paradox with the whole Stockholm city is decorated with lights and at the same time we should minimizing our energy use. But, as my dad said the light might be with LED.
Might so be, but it is still I get double moral.
On the other side, the light decorations are very beautiful and also create with an atmosphere.