A good start

IMG_2088 - Copy

A very effective morning.
Visa application is done, now I have to visit the company to handle over my passport.
Send email to the wader about staying in the hostel. Also spoke to my family to arrange a driver from Mumbai to Pune. Study some Arabic alphabet. At the end I made some lunch boxes.
In some minutes I have to go to work and work a long shift.

Also, at the end two more months then India! FINALLY!

Soon it is your turn

Well, this Sunday, my shift is 11-8 pm. It is going to be a long day at work. But I know the hard work will pay off. Might not pay off at the moment, but later.
Later with my salary and also experience.
Nothing comes for free. If something is free, there is something behind it. ALWAYS something on the hock.