Meeting with the ambassador

How much can express my respect and thankfulness towards India’s ambassador Mrs. Bose Harrison.
Today, after college ma’am has invited me for a cup of chai at the embassy. Of course I am looking forward to meet ma’am.
As a gift, ma’am gets homemade cloud berry jam. There is nothing better then homemade jam.


We are in November, I am in the mood of backing Christmas cookies. Last year was not possible to bake anything. There for, this time I will double of everything!

Reading about Muhammed

This is the latest book I am eating up (reading).
In my case I know about somewhat about Islam, but not enough. In school we had relgion as a subject. But, we did not read about Muhammed lives, why Islam was created. We read about Kaba and Ramadan. There for, the time has come to read about Muhammed the prophet of Islam.

Yesterday work


Yesterday at work I needed to work 5 h before a break. 5 h and 2 minutes.
Before I got my break I got a huge order.
So during the break I got some vegetables and two eggs. Because 4-5 Pm is not a dinner or lunch time.