Chnaged the header

Was it not time to change the header?
For me, the earlier header was beautiful on the flower. (never seen a flower like that before). However, the header started to become old and also, I do not live in India anymore. So, may be the header should have a other look.


The new header is not from Sweden, but on the other hand the view is amazing. Love the photo, taken i Canada.


Hope you like the new header, in my case I love it!

Welcome home!

Can I even express my feelings right now, or my mood?
Probably not.
However, I have to try. There for, when I finally came to my parents’ house to bake some Christmas cookies. I did not have so much time, energy or indigence to make fancy.
Of course, before I left my apartment, I checked if I had my flat key with me, but totally forgot the key to the house… So at the bus station searching in my pockets, I couch my thought, the key is still in box! Which is so me to forget the key or something else, deadly important.

Instead of traveling to my parents’ house by bus, I needed to take the local train to my apartment and collected the key and then take the metro.
So much time waste.

However, at my parents’ house, I made some cookies from my only Christmas baking and cookies book. Well instead of only adding cinnamon I added some cardamom powder.
The sense of cinnamon and cardamom are heavenly or Christmassy.
Also, in the recepie the advice was to let the dough rest in the refrigerator for sometime. But how has the time to let a dough rest at 7 pm? Not me at least….

Allt om mat Christmas


Finally the magazine has arrived. Allt om mat with a special number with Christmas food. The reason is last Christmas I was in India, without any Christmas food and bakery.
There for, the year is my time to make all the senses of Christmas preparation.

Hopefully, I bake some bakeries and some candies.