Saturday is not a weekend

May be we in Sweden are spoiled with weekends. For us we should have two days weekend, Saturday and Sunday.
But, if we look around us, people are working more hours then 40 h a week and have only a day off. While, some parties in Sweden think we should have less then 40 hours work week.
I have no Idea how Sweden should be go against the stream. Why should we decrease the work whole other countries are increasing?

In my case, we in Sweden can not become more lazy then the rest of the world. Due to the competition we are facing. We have to work more, to get somewhere. Also, the extra workday do not need to be as long as the normal days, a half day of work is good. But, we have to work.

There for, today my time table is Arabic class 10-12:30, gym, study Organization theories, bake something with a sense of Christmas. Most important dinner with family.
Probably my Sunday has the same layout, study but in the evening to 10 PM is work.


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