Well, I am a foodie.
Might say I love to cooking, baking and eating. On the other hand, I do not like standing in the kitchen and making food for me only. That might be the worst thing I know.
In that sort of situations, I opening the refrigerator and looking inside. If there is some left overs. My soul becomes the happiest one at the moment. But, if there is no food. I am facing a huge problem. My food becomes something boring and not that great tasting, but fast preparation time. For example, some vegetables, eggs and a slice of bread.
To eat breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner alone for a day might be okay, but for more then a day. In the end THAT is killing me. There for, I am love having company over a meal. I need company.

My body is still use having all the meals in the mess. What I think is India has changed me in many ways, for example, I have realized how much I love company and people around me.
But, the problem or feelings I am having is not unique, instead I think it is a common feeling for people to feel. We need companies, simple.


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