too tired

Right now I am sitting next to the kitchen table and wondering when is the chapter over. Or may be more right to say, how slowly do I read?… And I don’t want to know the answer.
Well, I think I have put the book on the side now and call for the night. The exams is in some weeks ahead. No need to study the whole night.
However, I am dying to see the result in finance and investment course, in any day the result will be out.


A photo from Canada, always something.

Good night!

Late night

Before work I wrote a grocery shopping list, because my refrigerator is pretty empty. As you might now, my shift extended last evening. There for, I could not go to any food store yesterday evening. The reason is very simple, no food store is open after 11 pm.
There for, after my shift, there was only one thing to do, walk home without any food. However, hopefully the stores have good offers for this week too.

NK has finally decorated with the Christmas lights. The Christmas windows have the grand opening at 16th of November.

Right now, I am very tired, 5 hours sleep is not enough.