YES hard work do pay off

For some weeks ago, if my memory remember right the finance paper was for 2 weeks ago. The best part is the result is out and I do not need to think about the mark.
The result was surprising good. I got the highest mark, VG (very good). Also, in my opinion this grade system which my home university has with: U (not passed), G (Good, over 50% right) and VG (Very Good over 80% right).

That system is not good, how do we translate our marks to international standards? Why should some universities in Sweden follow U-VG, while others have F-A? Would it be more fair if we are follow the same system?

However, now I got two VG and having two more exams to go. There for, if I get G on the reaming exams my final mark in Business will be VG. To point out, I can not relax yet, still I have to study hard and not take anything for granted.

Also, I have not really had anytime to study Arabic, due to all the reading in organization. My reading speed is not the fast. So, tonight after work, I have to look on my notes in Arabic and tomorrow morning at 7 am start studying Arabic.
Also one day, one day I will be back in Rajasthan and jump in the sand dune. One day, one day I will be back and enjoy the life in India again. But till then, work hard and enjoy the present.


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