A sort of Rajma


For few days ago I made some sort of rajma and all the leftovers are over now. The indigents in my mixed are: kidney beans, can of tomatoes, bay leafs, turmeric powder, garam masala, also garlic and salt. This time I had no chili, because the chili powder is too hot for me and I have not learn the perfect amount.

The temeric powder has a every strong yellow color. There for, do not spill food with turmeric on cloths, it won´t go off.

Every sort of dish in a presser cooker is easy and fast to make. There for, I think my presser cooker from India, might be one of the best things I have bought. Sure, I have may be used the cooker 5-10 times, not more then that. But, I am very pleased with the presser cooker. Totally opposite to slow cooker!


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