Diwali and pollutions


Pictures I got from a friend in India from Diwali. Well, when I was in Pune I have never seen anything like this before. The lighting is very beautiful. When I think of Diwali I think of firework and not this sort of function.
Also, of course it is crowded and with men. There for, it might not be a good idea for me to visit a place like that (at least alone).

How bad were then pollutions?

When I have been in Pune, the pollutions have been really bad. The pollutions have been so much it was impossible to see some meters ahead also heavy smell and very noisy. The fireworks are not the same as we have in Sweden. (I think). Indians’ are make more sound and more pollution, is what I think. But, may be the biggest different is in India they are using more of the firework and therefor my experiences are worse with firework in India then Sweden.


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