what i want

I would love to go to a language cafe during the week. A place where I can practice Arabic with other people. To be able to speak with someone else beginner or someone how know the language.
I would love that. To be able to speak and practice more.
Right now, there are not many of my friends speaking Arabic.

Anyone how know a language cafe?

Time to go to a meeting

The whole morning from 6:30 to 11:30 has been delegated to my studies. With an hour break was to get dressed and so on.

However, now I have to pack my backpack with some literature and go to college. The reason for my visit in college today, is not only to print out old exams, but to go to a meeting. The meeting is about volunteer work in college second hand books store.

I have been drinking tea with honey the whole last evening and this morning. Pry for my cold will be gone till Friday so I can work!
Also, I am having huge craving for sweets right now, but hey I have not had chocolate since August, proved of myself.

Ice chocolate, Christmas Chocolate

I think Ice chocolate is the easiest recipe to make Christmas sweets.

  • 100 gram coconut fat
  • 200-250 gram dark chocolate, possible to use white too

heat the coconut fat add the chocolate,when everything is melted take a spoon and full the small aluminum forms. Then let the ice chocolate cool down.
To get other taste, it is common to add alcohol, orange and many other.

There for, I added some baby pink topping and nuts on my ice chocolate, just to light up all the chocolate. I think my grandsparents are getting this set of ice chocolate.