How good is this not?

I do not think I know any better way of watching a movie or TV-show then on Plex.
Plex is probably on of the best thing my brother has invested.
First of all, I was very skeptical, due to it was new technique for me. On top of that I am slow person to adopt to new technique. However, now I am happy to have Plex.
There for with plex we have saved many movies, TV-shows, some music and so on. Of course all are bought legally. However the problem we are facing nowadays are we need more memory to save our later bought of movies

About the server, A really great thing is we all can watch the same program or different one wherever we are. On top of that, I can use Plex on my computer, surface also on my phone. On the other side, Plex need internet or more right, eat my internet on my phone.
Yes, Plex is amazing if the internet is good. Also, I should not be that skeptical towards new things.

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